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Pearl Enterprise is the largest Fly Ash & Cenosphere Exporter and Suppliers in India.

We are supplying high quality product of Fly Ash (ASTM 618F & BS3892) and Cenosphere, we have large chain of supplying Flyash & Cenoshper in India & Middle East (Dubai - UAE)

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Fly Ash


Fly ash is a coal ash recovered in an electro static precipitator at coal fired thermal power plants, and contains small amounts of iron, magnesium, and calcium as well as the main elements of silica and aluminum.


Mixing fly ash is an effective way to prevent the alkali silica reaction, and to increase long term strength of the concrete.



Cenosphere Exporter, Cenosphere Suppliers, Dubai, UAE, India



Cenospheres are one of many valuable components within coal combustion ash. Traditionally, only particles having densities < 1 gm/cm have been 3 called ‘cenospheric’. This terminology is probably because cenospheres float on water, allowing harvesting from wet ash impoundments. In combustion fly ashes, the relative amount of cenospheres is typically around 1%. However, cenospheres are really gas bubble-containing particles independent of their bulk density. Hence, their density may be greater than 1 gm/cm3 and their concentration in combustion ash much greater than 1%.


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